Alyssa Jedrysek

Veterinary Assistant

Alyssa has always had a passion for helping animals and knew that her career would have something to do with them, but she wasn’t sure in what capacity. She took classes in zoology and biology preparing for her future career. One day she saw a commercial on television advertising classes for learning to become a Veterinary Assistant. At that moment she knew that was what she wanted to do! She immediately signed up online and started classes within a few months.

Alyssa grew up in Illinois with her mother and younger sister. Her mother always told her to follow her dreams and find something that she loves to do. She took her mother’s advice and followed her passion to care for animals.

Alyssa attended Milwaukee Career College and earned her Veterinary Assistant’s Certificate. She completed a 200 hour externship and was offered a job right after her externship ended. She started working at Prairie Side Veterinary Hospital in July of 2016. She was looking for a new animal hospital to work at and to grow with a company that had the same passion for animals as she did. After researching Prairie Side Veterinary Hospital and meeting some staff, she knew this was a perfect fit for her.

Alyssa has two dog fur babies, Buddy and Princess. They are brother and sister. Buddy is such a character, he keeps her entertained from a game of never ending fetch or following her around everywhere she goes. Princess fits her name exactly, she loves to always be held and cuddled and will even paw you in the face if you stop petting her.

In her free time, Alyssa enjoys working out, meeting her personal goals and dancing. She also loves being outside and taking her dogs on walks and exploring different parks and beaches.