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Sarah Ottman

Veterinary Assistant

Sarah joined the Prairie Side team in Oct 2018 looking for an opportunity to grow and advance her skills. Sarah previously worked at WVRC in the Oncology Dept.

When Sarah was young she dreamed of becoming a nurse, but due to the fact that she cannot deal with human blood or gore, that was not a realistic career choice. She then found out about animal nurses and knew that was what she needed to do! It took her a few years to truly understand her passion for the field, but now she wouldn’t trade it for any other job!

Sarah loves getting to know the patients and their families. It makes her so happy to see patients during their wellness exams and are doing great! She also loves to see when an ill patient gets back to loving life. Animals have the most loving, forgiving hearts and that is what makes this job so rewarding.

Sarah grew up in a divorced home. Her mom lived in Wisconsin and dad lived in Oklahoma. Some might think that was unfortunate, but for Sarah, it was AWESOME! She enjoyed exploring the outdoors with her brother and because they only had each other to play with in OK, they became very close. They had many outdoor cats in OK and each was loved dearly and taken care of. There were many hugs and kisses given.

Sarah is married and has one daughter and two step- children, who she thinks of as her own. She has two dogs, Bella and Laylah and a bearded dragon named Lincoln. Her kids enjoy laying around with the dogs and teaching them tricks with treats! Sarah enjoys watching her kids learn and grow together! Her husband loves football, so her favorite thing to do is snuggle up on a Sunday, watch football together while eating her favorite snacks.