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Madison Ward

Veterinary Assistant

Madison joined the Prairie Side team in June of 2018 after working at a local animal shelter.

Madison began volunteering at the humane society at 16 and loved it so much she started working there. She loved caring for animals that didn’t have homes. Being able to see an animal make a big change in their behavior and health was unlike any other feeling. Not only did she make a difference in the animals lives, but they made a difference in hers. Although she loved working at the shelter, she wanted to take her passion and make it into a bigger career.

Madison loves being able to make a difference in animals lives. Whether it be their health or just showing some TLC. Madison plans on attending school to become a certified vet tech and eventually wants to specialize in surgery or zoology.

Madison was born and raised in Seattle, WA and moved to WI with her family at age eight. She grew up with her mom and four siblings. She studied dance her whole childhood and it’s something she misses a lot. Madison now lives with her two cats. Mila, who is a tiny and sweet girl who loves attention and playing fetch and Nugget, who enjoys stealing her food and talks constantly. He even snores so loud when sleeping he can be heard from another room.

In Madison’s free time she enjoys reading and binge watching shows on Netflix like The Office, Greys Anatomy and Arrested Development.